Homemade Lasagne
Will Contain Milk, Sulphates
Breaded Scampi
Will Contain Cereal, Crustaceans
Homemade Chilli Con Carne
With Chips or Rice or ½ & ½
Ham & Egg
With Chips and Peas
All Served With Choice Of Chips, Mash, Jacket Potato  
 - Mash Will Contain Milk, May Contain Cereal
Homemade Soups
Served With Roll & Cheese
Will Contain Milk
Served With Lettuce & Mayo'
Will Contain Cereal, Egg, Soya, Milk
Filled Baguette or Jacket Potato
Served With A Side Salad & 2 Fillings, Choice Of Ham, Prawns, Cheese, Onions, Coleslaw, Baked Beans.

Baguette Contains Cereal, Milk. Fillings May Contain Milk, Egg, Crustacean. All Bread Products May Contain Sesame



Chips    £2.60 / Baked Beans    £1.65 / Onion Rings  (Will Contain Cereal) £2.15 / Side Salad (May Contain Celery) £2.00 / Coleslaw (Will Contain Egg, Milk)    £1.95 / Garlic Bread (Will Contain Cereal, Milk)   £3.85